A modern touch to a classic VW beach buggy

1969 VW Beach Buggy

This classic model was legendary VW beach buggy back in the ’60s and ‘70s. Nowadays, you have fully rebuilt or redesigned models, such as this one. Using powerful 1600 VW engine and all other parts manufactured by VW experts, this model was rebuilt into an excellent runner with the attractive car body. Breaks are overhauled, new cylinder fitted drums drilled adequately, and the whole frame is lightweight.


VW Storm Beach Buggy

Combining 1800 VW motor with the best and brand new additional parts and fit all into the lightweight, attractive body resulted in this modernly redesigned beach buggy. The front beam is slightly shortened; the seats are cozy and floor plates made of aluminum. It all makes the car body light and motor powerful enough for various off-road terrains.

Action Roadster

Action Roadster is one of the frequently advertised and quite popular VW dune buggy models. The buggy has T-buggy body style, high pickup bed side, and the other side shorter. Fender is round, and the hood is designed as a typical T model. With a solid ratio between vehicle weight and engine power, this model is excellent for any off-road terrain.


Alameda Buggy

Another popular and often sold VW dune buggy model is Alameda Buggy. The body style of this model is classic, but it is recognizable for its specifically designed tail. It has round fender and ridge hood. This buggy is frequently seen in Southern California, but it suits well in various off-road terrains.

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