About us

If you’re a proud owner of VW dune buggy or planning to buy or rebuild buggy or simply in loved with these adorable vehicles, you will find our page and club places to enjoy. Our club, our website, and all our activities are centered around our passion for VW Dune Buggy models.

First, you will find tons of reading material and all the information you might need or want to know about these vehicles. It includes information about various models’ features, properties, advice and suggestions for maintenance, guidelines for rebuilding or redesigning a buggy, experiences of the other owners and finally plenty of visual and auditive material on the matter. 

The club is designed as a place to gather buggy lovers, to enable sharing of the data or even the selling of the mere vehicles. We, also, organize various events, such as races among members or sales of the car parts.

Recently, we have added a section with step-by-step instructions for designing your buggy model and section with videos showing our workshop where we rebuild some models on our own. All the members of our club are free to upload photos of their buggy models and to provide various content on the matter.

Everyone located near our headquarters is welcome to join us in occasional VW beach buggy lovers meetings.

About us