VW Beach Buggy – Make it street legal

Beach buggies are lightweight vehicles usually powered by strong Volkswagen engine and designed for the off-road riding. These vehicles are adapted for driving on sand, beaches, dunes and various dirty roads. Models were quite popular back in the ’70s, especially in California, but redesigned and remodeled buggies are still popular today. Volkswagen has redesigned the original model and presented modern buggies, but many people still go for homemade models constructed out of second-hand parts and basic construction of the old models. However, if you bought an old model of a dune buggy or constructed your unique one, you might want to fulfill the few steps required to make your buggy street-legal vehicle. The mere administrative procedure varies from state to state, but these are some basic terms the same everywhere. All the requirements come down to providing drivers’ and environmental safety.

Safety regulations

Safety of yours and every other driver on the road is an absolute priority to Department of Transportation officials. First of all, your remodeled buggy has to meet high standards of safety regulations, and it has to comply to the required construction of a vehicle. For this purpose, the car has to undergo full inspection and all of its parts, particularly engine, brakes, frame, and seats, have to be test proven as fully functional. If a buggy has passed this phase, you will have to acquire a list of required additional parts, such as a windshield, headlights, taillights, turn signals and finally the seat belts. Required equipment is a must have, and there are no exceptions to this law. There are, also, precise propositions and quality standards for each of these parts and you should fulfill the terms to pass the safety regulations.

Emissions standards

Another set of regulations and legislative procedures you will have to fulfill refers to emissions standards. Depending on whether you live in the urban or rural region, these laws vary significantly. However, every county requires evaporative emissions system installed onto the buggy. When it comes to registration, the best is to opt to register VIN tag of an old Volkswagen vehicle, assuming that your buggy has VW engine built in.


Licensing procedure

Before licensing, you will have to go through a lot of paperwork to fulfill registration and to insure the beach buggy. Keep in mind that registering buggy as a self-assembled vehicle means you’ll have to prove the quality of all major parts used in construction. Once the registration is done, licensing is the same as for any other type of a vehicle.