Easy way to build your beach buggy from scratch

A beach buggy is a recreational vehicle for driving on sand and recognizable for its specific “stripped to bare essentials” design. It is usually powered by Volkswagen air-cooled 4-cylinder engine, and the main feature is strong motor combined with the lightweight car body. Since all you need is an engine, a frame, few more essential parts and light machining to construct them together, beach buggy is rather easy to design on your own. There are two ways to do it. One is to rebuild an old VW Beetle; another is to puzzle parts bought as a kit. Here’s a brief review of building method if you use Beetle, as a cheaper and more convenient approach.

Acquire VW Beetle and essential parts

Aside from VW Beetle you can buy from some older owner commonly in Texas or California; you’re going to need replacement parts, like tires and springs. Search the advertisements on e-bay or specialized VW beach buggy stores in a quest for these parts. They are not so hard to find.


Keep only a basic construction

The beach buggy consists of truly basic elements, such as the engine, frame, suspension, tires, brakes, wheel and usually two seats. Once you place acquired VW Beetle at the working area, get rid of everything else but these essentials. Old Volkswagen air-cooled engines have solid performance and durability, but if you got yourself a Beetle model with a larger frame, you could try to place more powerful water-cooled VW engine. Using common tools for cutting and welding, you can adjust and remodel tube frame.

Replace additional parts

One of the recognizable features of a VW beach buggy is big wild tires. So, the first thing to do is to remove wheels and tires and replace tires for VW tires designed particularly for the buggy. Furthermore, you will have to replace front and rear suspension and to switch exhaust pipe for megaphone exhaust.

Come up with an attractive outfit

Original Volkswagen beach buggies were recognizable for their attractively painted frame. It is the phase of the process allowing you to express your creativity even more by using outstanding paints or other materials and items to fulfill the buggy’s design.