Simple steps to make VW dune buggy frame

Famous Volkswagen off-road vehicles from the ’70s known as beach or dune buggies are still the best solution for effortless driving through sand and rough roads. These lightweight vehicles with powerful engines are manufactured as a modern model nowadays, but many buggy lovers prefer to acquire their buggy by remodeling the old one or even to construct one on their own. Assuming that you will purchase high-quality VW engine and other parts of the car, that leaves you with the car frame to build. Here are main directions on how to make your frame for VW buggy.

Purchase the base for the buggy

To connect your self-designed frame, you have to acquire the base of the vehicle. The best option is to buy some of the old Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle models from ‘70s. These cars are relatively cheap; spare parts are widely available, and their classic shape won’t give you troubles with designing desired car frame.

Leave only essentials

Beach buggies are recognizable for their rather simple and basic construction, consisting only of the essential items. So, once you purchase the vehicle bases, take off everything except engine, wheel, brakes, wheels and seats. Once you’ve reached the stripped bases, do the precise measuring. There are plenty of downloadable plans for buggy construction you may use, or you may come up with your design plan for the frame.


Purchase frame materials

Many specialized workshops sell parts and materials for beach buggy. You can purchase frame material in some of these stores, or you may search the e-bay and other advertisements. Get a massive amount of stainless steel tubing and the cutting, bending and welding tools. Dune buggies and beach buggies differ in fiberglass panels used as a cover for the frame. These are optional.

Machining process

The first step is to bend and weld the basic frame according to the shape of the chassis. Add several diagonally placed tubes to strengthen the construction. Furthermore, bend and weld with basic rectangular frame and a front piece that wraps around the headlight. Two arch-shaped tubes should connect the front of the wheel to the back area of the seats. Make sure to bend and weld all pieces properly. Once the construction is finished, unleash your creativity and paint the VW beach buggy attractively or add up various additional items.